Cooking is a Lifelong Hobby

Having hobbies has been scientifically proven to decrease stress, and improve your mood. Everyone needs to eat, so why not enjoy the process?

A picture of Samia cooking

How Cooking for Myself Changed My Life

Like many life stories in this day of age, my cooking journey took off during the pandemic. In a time when nothing was certain, I could always rely on the food I made to taste good, and bring me joy. I started treating each time I cooked as practice, with the understanding that time spent would not be time wasted because I was developing a skill that would last my lifetime. I eventually became so passionate about how much joy my food was bring me, that I decided to share what I was making on social media @samias.eats, and have since accumulated over 34,000 followers. I have also started cooking professionally in restaurants. I don’t expect you to become an expert, but I hope Dinner By Design can help you to take actionable steps towards using cooking as a tool to prioritize self care, and to get off of the apps, and into the kitchen.